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Hacked By Team_CC Hacked By Team_CC

Hacked By Team_CC #OpMedia

To All Corporate Governments | To All Countries

We have launched #OpMedia against Bangladeshi media for continuously harassing our Religious Views .

What they say about Eid-ul-adha :

# It's Graphical

# Makes the Country dirty

Most of Atheism Based TV channels are broadcasting it as a Brutal Religious Festival of Islam

A small example : Recently Mushfiqur Rahim ( bangladeshi Cricketer ) have posted some contents of his Eid celebration in his FB Page .

Channel-i asked him to take it down and metioned it as Brutal and barbarous . What does that mean ???!

It means they are saying the Full Muslim ummah Brutal and inhuman ..

Also are they trying to stop the Freedom of Expression and Personal Views ?!?!

When it came it to Islam and Muslims we were always neglected as Terrorists and Shit like that .

We have beared it for a lots of Days .

But it's the limit of Patience .

We can not bear the insult of Muslim Ummah Anymore .

So it's the Beginning of #OpMedia .

We Are: Team_CC . One Name . One Ummah . One identity .